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19 December 2005 @ 07:38 pm
Originally Posted July 19, 2005  
I too am left wondering whether we all read the same book, as I have seen so many different opinions...
-Overall, I liked the book very much. My favorite so far in fact, followed by Prisoner of Azkaban, then Goblet of Fire.
-Canon Draco is a snivelling, incompetent, hair-brained dumbass who forced Severus' hand. Say what you will, I believe this and there is no convincing me otherwise. I hope his character dies a death fit for such a loser, in other words I hope he drowns in his own puke. [/utter hatred of canon Draco]
-I stil believe Severus is on the side of good, and only killed Dumbledore because of the unbreakable vow, and by the way... WTF was he thinking making the unbreakable vow? Pretty stupid there old Snape...
--Loved the new character, Slughorn, possibly because I had such high expectations when Jo announced book five would contain a new female DADA teracher, then dissappointed me so with Umbridge.
-Bellatrix why have you forsaken us? Quit whining about how you're not Voldemort's favorite and go back to kicking ass and taking names.
-Filch and Madam Pince so deserve each other! *snigger*
-More Pomona and she was actually vocal! *cheers*
-Dumbledore's death was sad but expected. I am not torn to bits. It's not like they turned Bill into a scarred shell of the man he was.
-Oh wait, yes they did. Dammitt! Why??
-This book had an excess of Phlegm.
-The Gaunt House, easily the very best chapter in the book in my opinion. I loved Tom Riddle's mother, my heart ached for her.
-Ron ♥ Hermione... ahhh canon love!
-Remus and Tonks whatever. Not my thing but whatever?
-Dobby gets jealous! (Lookout Kreacher...) Priceless.
-The Horcruxes, coolest things ever!
-RAB Regulus, totally Regulus!
-Harry/Ginny Yay, Meh, Yay, Meh... in short yay and meh. I am not a huge fan of the ship overall since Harry is too much like a brother to her. But we are so on track to OBHWF unless Ginny is one of the Horcruxes...?
-Bella, my kingdom for more wicked Bella!